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Download MultiDub and enjoy your movies or series in the language you want

Your movies or series, in the language of your choice

With MultiDub you can enjoy your movies or series, in the language of your choice, wherever you are

With your smartphone and earbuds

You just need your smartphone, earbuds and Internet access to choose the language and captions of your movie

Featuring off-sync

You can enjoy your favorite audiotracks at every moment, even without synchronizing. Listen to it and enjoy in the tube, on the beach… ¡wherever you are!

Universal screen support

Synchronize your smartphone with any TV, laptop, tablet… no matter the screen you are using

A myriad of captions

Follow dialogues on the screen with captions adapted to the language of your choice. ¡You can also improve your language skills in a joyful fashion!

All info on your movie

Check information in detail on the movie you are watching: plot, actors, etc. Just one tap ahead…

El exorcismo de Emma Evans

Español, Inglés, Catalán

Diario de una ninfómana

Español, Catalán


Inglés, Español, Catalán, Gallego, Japonés

El Cid La Leyenda

Inglés, Español, Francés, Alemán, Catalán, Gallego, Vasco, Portugués, Koreano


Inglés, Español, Francés, Catalán, Gallego, Vasco, Portugués


Español, Catalán, Gallego


Español, Catalán

Pinocho 3000

Español, Inglés, Francés, Catalán, Gallego, Vasco, Portugués

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These guys are genious. The only drawback is that the set of movies is still too limited in number...

Jose Thomas HerreroReal Android user

With MultiDub I can learn and/or practise any foreign language. Simply amazing.

Jose FernándezReal Android user

One of the best apps in the last years.

PupurupupúIPhone real user

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